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Indalo – the little man of Almeria






This little red image – which features on the bici-almeria jersey every year – is the INDALO – the symbol of Almeria province.

Everywhere you ride in Almeria you see it – on cars bumper stickers, on houses, on restaurants, outside the airport, Almeria football shirts, businesses, on trucks as well as in all the tourist shops selling you name it with Indalo on or in the shape of it!

So what is it ? ….

Well on one of our first visits to Almeria we saw the symbol all over the place and decided to find out more. Turns out that in the north of the province that are some prehistoric cave paintings one of which visualises an image similar to that above. You can read more on the link below. Before going ahead and using the symbol we of course did our due diligence and went up to Velez Rubio to check out the Cueva de los Letreros where the paintings were discovered …. just to make sure it actually existed!


It has now been adopted by Almeria as the emblem of the region and of therefore had to be the image for bici-almeria.