Blog back on the Road

Blog back on the Road

After a blog hiatus I am going to make a genuine effort to keep this blog more current! Apologies to those of you who have been coming on here regularly to check out my perusals … not!

Well before the first real new post let’s catch up … so what has happened in Almeria and the world of bici-almeria since I last posted.

  • Game of Thrones used Almeria (Alcazabar, Tabernas desert, Sorbas quarries, Torre Roldan and Cabo de Gato) as settings for Series 6. Little Mix also used it for a video but less said the better!
  • Classica Almeria 2016 & 17 ran in the west of the province, so away from the roads we use for trips.
  • For the 2015 and 2016 bici-almeria trips we used a different place to stay. the splendid Casas Rurales de Tabernas, owned by the family of Oro de Desierto olive oil producer.
  • We took a break in 2017 – no bici-almeria trip proper – however a sizeable group of previous clients and I are heading to the Dolomites in August, so the group lives on.
  • I am also pleased to report that La Vuelta will be returning to Almeria this summer with a mountain top finish at Calar Alto – having passed through Mojacar, Sorbas, Tabernas, crested Velefique, descended into Bacares, scaled ‘clip-clop hill’ before finishing by the telescopes of the observatory at 2164m
  • As usual in Almeria, many roads have been beautifully resurfaced recently, including the climb out of Lucainena up to Turrillas, the southern side of El Chive down to El Puntal and the great road up to Fuenblanquilla.
  • Finally a plug for a book written by Sorbas-local ex-pat Kevin Borman which I recently discovered – Flamingos in the Desert – an excellent read that really hits the spot for anyone who has visited the region – mentions of Bee-eaters, Rodalquilar gold, Palomares, Ghost airfields, threshing circles, camouflaged cars and Strawberry Fields mean little unless you have spent time here! Thanks to Kevin for summing it all up so well. Well worth a read.

So that’s how much happens in Almeria in a couple of years – but that really is the beauty of the place – it is so unspoilt.

Finally – I am pleased to be able to announce that after 2 years away (and our year’s break in 2017) we will be returning bici-almeria to it’s spiritual home at Almond Reef in the Sorbas hamlet of Cariatiz in April 2018. Full details on website or drop me an email

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