Other Almeria news – Autumn 2014

Other Almeria news

Castillo de Tabernas – having driven past it every time we have arrived in Almeria since 2008 we finally got round to climbing the footpath up to the ruins of the Moorish fortress of Tabernas. Looks much more impressive from the road below than it actually is when you get up there, the views however are magnificent. Sierra de Alhamilla to the south, Sierras de Gador & Nevada to the west and the Sierra de los Filabres to the north, with its Calar Alto telescopes gleaming white at the top!

Castillo de Tabernas panorama
Castillo de Tabernas panorama
Clear skies above Castillo de Tabernas
Clear skies above Castillo de Tabernas

Bodegas Mendez Moya – on a day trip to Guadix I persuaded Lisa to follow a sign to a bodega at a place called Dolar. Having seen the wines of Mendez Moya in a local bread shop I had been intrigued at how wine could be made in such a dustbowl. The 9.5 climb up into the mountains from the A92 motorway gave the answer. The modern winery is located at 1323m (some vines are another 200m up the mountainside) so the punishing heat of the summer is lessened by the effect of the altitude. The wines were delicious, particularly good were the three wines that featured Syrah in the blend! http://www.mendezmoya.com/

Bodega Mendez Moya
Bodega Mendez Moya
Wines of Mendez Moya
Wines of Mendez Moya

Hollywood in the Desierto again! Following Ridley Scott’s Exodus being filmed in the region last year, another epic Claudius is currently shooting in Almeria and Tabernas, starring Joseph Fiennes the region this time features as the backdrop for the might of the Roman Empire!

First snow! Despite toasty temperature during our week in Almeria it was clear that the highest peaks of the nearby Sierra Nevada had already been cold enough for an early dusting of the white stuff!


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